Monday, August 21, 2017

History test?

History Questions Round 3:
1. What is the name of the AHS annual? La Airosa
2. Who were the co-editors of the 1968 annual? Susan Hayes & Connie Scruggs
3. Who was petting the Hereford cow in the annual? Debra Mitchell
4. What man was assistant principal? Strickland
5. Who was the school secretary for principal Larson? Helen McCuan
6. Who was our Librarian? Howell
7. Name 3 of the ROTC sponsors? Jancel Arnold, Jan Burk, Betsy Bandy,  Cherry Hyso, Jaketta Mangold, Debra Mitchell, Debra Moore, Susan Myers, Candy Stout, Evaline Thompson
8. Who taught drivers education? Howell
9. Who was president of the chess club? Glenn Ball
10. Who was the queen of AHS? Linda Montgomery
Bonus: who did Bui Bao Thach live with? Frank Martin
Good luck. Easy ones are gone.

History Questions Round 2:
1. How many teachers we have with Norman last name? Two
2. Who was head Stepper? Tina Bourseau
3. What classmate had a brother that was a pro Wrestler? Ruth Bradley
4. Who was our Tennis Coach? Roland Ingram
5. Name 2 girls that were on the Tennis team? Teka Summers, Rue Landon, Peggy Test, Sue Troutman, 
6.Who was our Drum Major? Bill Moss
7. In 1968 what sports did the girls play? Tennis 
8. Name 2 people that drove 1968 Road Runner? Terry Ingram, Bob Alexander and Dave Slaughter
9. Who was the Sand-man? Bill Bussard
10. What was the name of the group that blew the horns at football games? Vigilantes
History Questions Round 1:
1. What were the phone exchanges in Amarillo in 1968? Drake, Evergreen, Diamond, Fleetwood
2. Who lived on Odom Circle? Deborah Moore
3. Who drove a Corvair to high school? Bill Carter, Phil Matthews
4. Name the drive-in movies we had in 1968? Tascosa, Twin,, Trail, Palo Duro, Sunset, Skyway
5. Who drove a 1968 Dodge Charger? Bill Brian, Bruce Carter
6. Who drove a 442? Arthur Ware, John Kritser, Dick Graham
7. What was the name of hamburger joint located half block off Washington and Wolfin? Manley's #2
8. Name the eating location that had a train. Myer's Drumstick
9. Who owned the burger joint on the other side of the street from the Ranger? Dale Walker Family - Eway Dairy Mart
10. Who played quarterback for Fannin and who played it at Austin? Fannin - Glen Bangston, Austin - Dick Graham
Bonus question. Name one person that drove a VW to high school. Doug Thompson, Randy Jones, Roy Wayne Moore
Good luck and post your guesses by adding it as a comment.